Geeky Area Rugs & Mats

My last post was titled, “My Random List of Christmas Wants.” While the post title is pretty self-explanatory, I do want to mention that I managed to score ALL of the items on said list. Although, we are barely into the first month of the year and I found a wine refrigerator that I need and an aromatherapy diffuser and…. I’m getting off track as I often do.

This year I’m on a mission to enhance my home and work area. One of my focuses is on the perfect new area rug. The office echoes and makes for a tough time taking phone calls so this must be remedied immediately. In the process I found some of the geekiest welcome mats a geek could hope for and it makes me happy. (more…)

A Random List of Christmas Wants…

My Christmas wish list is a mish mash of random things that most people probably haven’t even considered so there’s always that chance that I might end up buying most of them for myself and I’m okay with that.

Notebooks & Sharpies – I love my iPhone and the Evernote app that I use for everything so I just love the idea of this Moleskin notebook! Just snap a picture with the Evernote app and the notes are transferred to the iPhone and become a digital graphic. If I was to tell you how many notebooks and notepads I have laying around you probably wouldn’t believe me. Naturally, some fine point Sharpie markers would be great as I can never have to many. (more…)

Funky Floor Lamps

I moved a few months ago and while everything is finally settled for the most part one of my newest missions is to find funky floor lamps for the home office and the main living room. This mission has been more fun than you might imagine as there are lamps out there that you probably didn’t know even existed! No, really! After at least five visitors said my house was nice but looked like that of a cave, this mission lamp was sprung to life. And, it couldn’t be just any lamp because that would be boring by all standards. (more…)


Well this is neat. A pair of Vertus receivers let you stream music to two speakers in different rooms, or one speaker indoors and another outdoors, creating an instant indoor/outdoor party. You can also plug one Vertrus receiver into any speaker, headphone or car stereo to turn them to Bluetooth.

If you just want to use ONE Vertus receiver to add Stereo Bluetooth capability to any non-Bluetooth speaker, headphones, or car stereo…

Gadget Wish Lists

I recently moved into a new home. Now that I’m settled – for the most part – I love it that much more. Only, I haven’t been able to get all the things that I want and need (okay, more want than need but still) which, has led to the creation of several different wish lists. Darn the bills and responsibility.

I love cooking gadgets so there’s a wish list for that. I love books and there’s a list for that. I love outdoor gadgets and gadgets for the pool and… you guessed it, I have a wish list for that too. There is of course, a general wish list of things for every room in the house. You get the idea, and it’s not even Christmas yet! (more…)

FocusTwist iOS app

The FocusTwist iOS app lets you refocus your pics after taking them. Here’s how it works: while you’re taking a pic with your iPhone, for about 2 seconds, the phone camera is actually taking dozens of pictures all with different focal points. Once you’ve taken your pic, you can tap different areas of the picture to change the focus of the image. Pretend you’re taking a pic of your friends, but you can actually be photo-stocking the hottie to the right behind her!

FocusTwist is an iOS app that lets you take refocusable images with your iPhone or iPad. It works by taking several images at different focus settings, and creating an interactive twist that you and your friends can interactively refocus later.