start your engines alarm clock

Get a speedy start to your day with the Start Your Engines alarm clock. Perfect for car enthusiasts young and not so young.

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If you have a young boy to buy for this Christmas get him this super cool alarm clock. It wakes you up with the sound of a revving engine and continues to get louder the longer it takes you to shut it off. That’s perfect for those morning sleepy heads that have trouble starting their engines in the morning. There’s even a headlights button so you can see the time at night. So give that racing car fan something he’ll love with the Start Your Engines alarm clock.

“This alarm clock awakens you with the exhilarating sound of a high-powered V8 engine increasing its revolutions per minute as it cycles through four gears to top speed. A tachometer surrounding the digital time window displays a needle that moves as the rpms increase as it nears its redline of 6,000 rpms. The engine sound will grow in pitch and intensity until you press the snooze button, urging you to get out of bed. A headlights button allows you to illuminate the time and tachometer display for easy viewing at night; backlight turns off after 10 seconds.”

See it at Hammacher Schlemmer

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