Does something like this come standard in some cars/models? It must I guess. Not in my car unfortunately, and I don’t have a garage either, I’m just right out there in the elements. Last winter my not even one year old wipers on my not even one year old car were ripped to shreds by my ice covered windshield. I would warm the car up as much as I could, avoid hitting the wipers with my scraper, but in the end, they were just frozen in place and ended up tearing. I was mad.

This is the system that provides heated washer fluid to quickly remove frost and ice from a windshield. The unit connects to the car battery and the washer fluid reservoir and its internal heat chamber warms the washer fluid to between 143º F and 150º F in 30 seconds. The heated fluid instantly melts ice (eliminating the need to scrape the windshield), helps clear frozen spray nozzles, and releases wiper blades that are stuck because of ice or snow.

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