I’m one of those girls that become easily overwhelmed; the easier it is the better. But my phone situation is a complication of sorts. You see, while I can’t find it to completely divorce my BlackBerry, I do have a fondness for T-Mobile Android phones, which, to be completely honest, has so many more apps and functions that the BlackBerry lacks. So, for now, both it is.

That being said, below are some everyday gadgets that I now use on my Android nearly every day. In no particular order they are listed below.

Flash Light – In a dark spot and need a pinch of light? The Flash light app uses the LED light on the iPhone or Android to fill your screen with bright white light so you can see. This can be particularly helpful when you have a small child with you and you need to quickly unlock the door or find something at the bottom of your purse.

iTalk Recorder – Whether you need to record meeting minutes or a lecture or your niece’s Broadway performance, iTalk Recorder handles it for you and the best part is its right in the palm of your hand.

TV Remote Control – It just so happens I have a Samsung television so the app is quite helpful. The app allows you to control the TV along with 50 products when they are connected to the same wireless router. One of you my favorite features is the ability to can use your mobile device to turn on the TV using Bluetooth and it can work as a fully functional remote. So, next time the kids lose the remote, you will have backup but they will not. Please note the app is only available for certain televisions.

Compass – It was my mother that strongly suggested that I download this app as I can honestly and truly get lost in a paper bag. That may sound dramatic but I assure you it’s not. My sense of direction is bad, as in scary bad. With the Compass app, you’ll be headed in the right direction but you can also view maps and keep notes of the places you have visited.

Barcode Scanner – I don’t like to shop and I like to keep things simple as I mentioned at the start of this post. Shocking, especially for a girl I know, but true. So the Barcode Scanner is especially helpful because you can see prices and reviews before even leaving the house which greatly reduces time spent and gas money as well.

Battery Widget – This one is simple it shows the exact battery level and includes shortcuts to Power-Summary-Display-Network-GPS and more. The real challenge, for me anyway, is remembering to grab your charger before leaving the house so that when the battery is low, you can recharge.

Metal Detector – I found this app when I was looking for something for my dad and this is right up his alley. If metal is near the app, the magnetic field will increase. It can also be helpful to find electrical wires in the walls and more. Like I said, this was initially found for my dad, not so much me but it’s pretty neat just the same and worthy of a mention.

Where’s My Droid? Raise your hand if you have lost your Android several times and at the time it was of course on silent. The app can turn up the volume and make your phone ring. In fact, you can track your mobile device from anywhere. Because, really, what good is having all these handy gadget apps if you can’t find your mobile device to begin with.


Ann Fleming is a freelance writer for andgeeks.com. She has a knack for clarifying the more complex side of technology and how to use it for the average person.

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